Sun Dried Rose Petals 50GM Pack of 1


About This Product :

Item Form Solid (Dry Petals)
Brand Grin Naturals
Use for For Skin & Health
Product Benefits Freshness, Antioxident, Vitamin C,B & K
Skin Type All
Age Range Adult
Recommended Uses For Product Provides Vitamins & Minerals
Material Type Natural
Net Volume 50 GM

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Product Description :

Rose petals are the loose petals of lovely flower rose. Grin Naturals brings you sun dried rose petals which is suitable for both sweet and savoury preparations. Gives you refreshing feeling. Our product is enrich with antioxidants. It is made with no added preservatives, chemicals, flavors or colors.





High antioxidants

You can enjoy these rose petals with sweet and mukhwaas for perfect coolness and aroma.

Health quotient

This is beneficial for health and can be consumed, applied and feel. Rose petals are used in both spa and kitchen. It is also used as Ayurvedic medicine.

Ideal consumption

Add this  rose petals to your tea and feel heavenly. Rose tea is classic ingredient in ayurvedic medicine. This can be used in many preparations including both sweet and savoury preparations.

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