Child Safety Locks the Safest, Quickest and Easiest Adhesive Cabinet Latches


  • Adjustable straps are great to child proof fridges, cabinets, drawers, oven, washer machine, toilets, closet, waste bin, etc.
  • Simple tool-free installation.
  • Our safety straps attach with a strong adjustable length from 7.5” to 3.5” but they are also flexible to maximize their use. adhesive to secure your home.
  • use it as your office duster, fan blade cleaner, or shutter duster
  • Adhesive strong industrial grade 3M tape they have on both sides, you can install and remove them within seconds.
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Product description

Baby safety always remains the top priorities of the parents. Kids are hyper active and curious to explore things. When kids start taking their first step, it is time to make your house a safety environment for them. Every object at home including doors, cupboards, drawers ,table corners could be dangerous if they are not baby proofed. You can effectively protect your child from accessing unwanted household items with this safety cabinet locks. This product can be used to lock the flat surfaces and around the corners. No drilling or any tool is required for installation. It can be easily installed by the adults by just peel and paste method. But it is impossible for the kids to open .

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