Head Scalp Massager – Promotes Hair Growth & Improves Blood Circulation | Made of Stainless Steel


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  • New Experience : New Upgrade Head Scalp Massager With 12 Metal Fingers Gives You More Touches And Relaxing. Brand New Design, More Prongs, More Touching, More Fun, New Experience.
  • Easy Function : Just Holding The Handle, Putting It On Your Head Then Moving Up And Down Softly; Or In A Circular Motion Over Your Head Massager For Headache, You Will Get The New Different Experience From The New 12 Fingers Head Massager For Hair Growth. It’s Made Of High Quality Metal But Also Soft For The Head, Durable And Easy To Clean. The Spring Flexible Arms Meet Different Head Sizes.
  • More Deep Relaxation & Reduce Stress : Special 12 Fingers Hair Scalp Massager With Rubber Beads Over Each Spindle That Glides Over Your Head Massage Tool Producing A Euphoric Feeling Every Time You Use It. Great For People With Anxiety And Sleep Problems And Helps Against Migraines And Headaches.
  • More Advantages : Massaging Your Scalp To Improve Blood Circulation To The Head Massager For Pain Relief. The 12-fingered Scalp Massager Will Stimulate The Scalp Nerve Endings And The Head Acupuncture Point, Facilitating Blood Circulation And Eliminating Fatigue. Nice And Natural Way To Get Relief From A Lot Of Varying Annoyances. This Head Messenger Will Send Tingling Sensations From Scalp To Toes And Transport You To A More Relaxing Place.


Scalp Massage Head Massager Scalp Scratcher 12 Fingers Head Scratcher.


Scalp Massage Good For Acupressure Points.



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