FUNGIKALP Ayurvedic Anti-Fungal Cream 30gm


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FUNGIKALP Ayurvedic¬† Anti-fungal cream is specially formulated inspired by the great heritage of Indian Ayurveda and made from purely natural ingredients. it’s completely free from any side effects. This cream cures all type of skin diseases from the depth of the skin layers and therefore the disease cured by this effective cream won’t spread again. The power of natural ingredients and the well tested formula of the cream heals the skin area of the body which is infected by the fungus and bacteria. It has also proven its effectiveness on years old skin diseases.

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ABOUT FUNGIKALP Ayurvedic Anti-Fungal Cream

FUNGIKALP is an ayurvedic anti fungal cream which is manufactured based on ayurveda’s Shrangdhar Sanhita with perfect blend of natural ingredients like :

Mhamarichadi Tail Yog

Trifaladi Tail Yog

Khair Chhal

Amaltas Patra


Sarso and Cream Base


Dosage : Apply required quantity on affected area twice a day as advised by the physician.

Avoid Contact with Eyes

keep the tube tightly closed after use.

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