High Pressure Water Gun Garden Pump Spray

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  • Multi-purposes. It is widely used in gardens/nurseries for watering/water spraying plants, helps in cleaning the dust off them as well.known for it’s extensive usage in the kitchen and home has significant usage in steam ironing.suitable for pesticide spraying.immensely helps in the removal of stains on bikes and cars. Idealistic for water and dry painting, auto/marine applications,cooling down,and comes a lot in handy for water fights as well. Especially in spring season
  • Great design.the sprayer can be connected easily with any normal sized plastic beverage bottle (varying from 200mL to 1L+) such as mineral water/ cold drink/ juice bottle, it fits effortlessly. For best results make sure the sprayer knob along with the suction pipe already attached to it, fits tightly to bottle opening where it is to be supposedly connected. It has an easy grip, which eventually lessens the effort and a soft trigger press to reduce fatigue and is very convenient to use
  • Material. It is entirely made up of plastic, thereby it is light-weighted and easy to handle
  • Adjustable nozzle. The nozzle at the tip of the sprayer is adjustable. It can be adjusted by loosening and tightening it however you would like it to be in order to achieve the best automization effect you desire. You want to sprinkle water on your plants or give your car a fast clean it’s upto you now. This adjustable nozzle gives you that authority. It is leak-less. It is small and light. Note- the handle at the back of the sprayer gives you the control of the pressure of water, as you desire
  • only the pump is shipped not the bottles as displayed.

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Superior built quality, ABS Plastic heavy body. Adjustable Brass Nozzle, spray intensity from jet to fine mist can be adjusted by rotating brass nozzle. Chemical resistant material. fill the bottle with fluid leaving some space on the top, attached the suction pipe to spray gun and then screw in the gun to the bottle firmly make sure it fits tightly to bottle. Than Pump the plunger for 10 to 15 time and spray, adjust the spray by rotating the brass nozzle for mist or jet as per your requirement. It can be used for spraying plants with water and pesticide, cleaning plants leaves, spraying perfumes, cleaning house hold equipment.

Material – ABS

Item Dimension – 6 Cm X 4 Cm X 29 Cm

Package Contents – Garden Spray Pump

Specification – Use For Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite Bottle 1. 25L/1. 5L/2L

Package Included – Sprayer With Suction Pipe

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