KESAR ( Crocus sativus )2gm



Brand Go-Fresho
Specialty Organic, Natural
Package Weight 2 Grams

About this item

  • 100% PURE & UNTOUCHED: Go-Fresho saffron is absolutely pure and natural. Each and every saffron strand is directly sourced and packed from farms.
  • AIRTIGHT PACKING: The long saffron threads are packed in an airtight packaging box that doesn’t allow the air to flow inside. Keeping it in an air tight jar helps in preserving its properties for a long time.
  • HEALTHY FOR NEW MOMS: Saffron has many benefits for woman after delivery. It proves to be helpful in improving digestion, improves mood, prevents postpartum depression, ensures peaceful sleep.
  • HEALTHY FOR CONCEIVING: Saffron stands to be one of most effective herbs. Being rich in antioxidants it helps in warding off fertility related issues and keeps your body healthy.
  • HOW TO USE IT? Take a few long strands of saffron, add it to lukewarm milk/water. Put it aside for 15-120minutes. Use it for seasoning dishes.You can also drink 1 glass or lukewarm saffron milk.

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