MAKHANA ( Euryale ferox )250gm


Makhana Benefits
  • Rich in nutrients. Makhana is an excellent source of several important nutrients and makes a great addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet. …
  • High in antioxidants. …
  • May help stabilize blood sugar levels. …
  • May support weight loss. …
  • May have anti-aging properties. …
  • May promote heart health.


Brand Go-Fresho
Form Seed
Specialty Suitable For Diabetics, Organic
Package Weight 250 Grams
This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • Being low in calories and high on nutrition, makhanas make a healthy mid time snack, that help you to cut down your calories.
  • These munchy snacks are rich in antioxidants and hence helps in relieving inflammation and joint pains.
  • Organic non-cereal food enriched with more nutrients compared to dry fruits, such as almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts.
  • Contains no sugar, which further helps in maintaining a balance of sugar levels and hence are suitable for diabetics.
  • This healthy food can be also used for trying various interesting culinary experiments to suit your taste.

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