Original Vaijanti Mala for Japa Puja and Neck Wearing, 100% Pure


Benefits of Vaijanti Mala

It balances all kinds of Doshas in your kundali. It removes some effects of Doshas. It brings faith and peace in your life. To stay away from all kinds of negative energy, harmful power, and evil eyes.

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  • Vaijayanti is one such divine herb whose flowers, seeds and garlands are offered to various deities in Hinduism.
  • The word Vaijayanti is also spelled as Vyjayanti which is a theological flower which has its association with the banana and ginger plants. The Vaijayanti grass bears colourful flowers comprising of orange, yellow, red or combination of colours.
  • This divine mala finds its mention in the Holy ancient legend of Mahabharata as vanamali, another name for Lord Vishnu. The word Vanamali is a Sanskrit word where Vana means forest and mali means wearing a garland.
  • 108+1 Beads

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