PLASTIC Pitcher with lid iced Tea Pitcher hot Cold Water ice Tea Wine Coffee Milk and Juice (1000 ml)Plastic Jug 1ltr


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Colour 1800 ml
Brand Girik Zone
Capacity 1100 Milliliters
Material Glass

About this item

  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Just simply unscrew the injector from the lid then it becomes a pitcher for water only. As for pouring out beverage, just press the button on the handle and gently slide backwards. You can simply use a non-abrasive soft sponge to clean the iced tea injector by hand.
  • ELABORATE DESIGN: This iced tea and fruit infuser pitcher has a perfect spout, leak-proof and fresh air tight cover, durable and fall-proof acrylic lid, PC handle with unique switch mechanism, body and excellent injection rod. All our efforts are for the sake of ensuring the quality of products as well as protect your health and comfort´╝ü
  • INDEPENDENT INFUSER: High-grade pitcher with lid equips with detachable injection rod going with opening slots which allows the seasoning to be immersed in the water. You can infuse the injector with your favorite fruits, vegetables and tea to create personalized and healthy drinks. By unlimited combinations, you can enjoy the perfect juice, iced tea, lemonade, wine, sangria and more at a party, home or any occasions.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: The body of the pitcher is made of Tritan material that is rugged, durable. Superior to acrylic plastic and glass, the Tritan is high temperature resistant, shock resistant, crystal-like luster caused by high light transmittance as well as anti-odor. With no need to worry about infusing hot water and tea into the pitcher, you can store it in the refrigerator to cool for later use.
  • Comfortable to Hold with Thickened Handle: The handle of this water pitcher is designed with an emphasis on ergonomic. For the wider and thicker handle design, you can carry the whole weight of the contents of the pitcher more easily and comfortably.

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