Roli for Tilak Tika, Pooja,Pujan, Havan, Worship (20 Gram)


Kumkum or Roli is the Indian name of “vermilion”. It is mixed with water to make a paste which is used to make a mark on either the forehead of the deity or other Sadhana articles (Yantra, Gutika, etc.). It is considered auspicious and represents the tradition of India.

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  • QUANTITY :- 20 GM
  • Red is the color of power and energy
  • The kumkum, being sattvik, attracts the Divine Principle. A spiral of this Divine Principle is generated in the kumkum and is activated.
  • According to the Hindu astrological belief, kumkum is also the symbol of Saubhagya or good luck.
  • For tilak and pooja / worship..

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