Small Dakshinavarti Shankh White 10cmX5cm

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  • Right-handed or dakshinavarti conch shells should be placed in the puja room which should be designed in the north, the east or the northeast directions. It should be noted that two conch shells should not be placed together for worshipping at the same place
  • Water kept in a conch shell is sprinkled while performing pujas to cleanse and purify the space. There are two types of conches – the left-handed conch shell and the right-handed conch shell. The right-handed conch is considered auspicious and is also known as Lakshmi Shankh or Dakshinavarti Shankh.
  • It should be kept on a red cloth lying on a silver platform. The open end should be facing the sky and the other end should be facing you. This shankh should be filled with rice and red thread. A swastika should be drawn on this shankh and it should be worshipped with sandalwood, flowers, dhoop and deep.
  • What is the significance of Dakshinavarti Shankh?
    Dakshinavarti Shankh (Valampuri Sanggu; Sri Lakshmi Shankh) is a sacred Hindu object otherwise known in English as a conch shell. It is the shell of a large sea snail from the Indian Ocean (a shell of the species Turbinella pyrum), but one that has a very rare reverse-turning spiral.


  • 100% natural shankh
  • Small size 10cmX5cm
  • It is white in color
  • You can keep it in your Puja thali
  • Size may vary a little from every piece to other

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