Vijayasar or Kino tree Wood 250GM Pack of 1


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Item Form Solid Wood
Brand Grin Naturals
Use for Control Blood Sugar Level, antioxidant
Product Benefits Regulating diabetes, treating skin infections, promoting weight loss, managing cholesterol, boosting immunity and treating wounds and ulcers
Skin Type All
Age Range Adult
Recommended Uses For Product Antioxidants
Material Type Natural
Net Volume 250 GM

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Product Description :

Vijaysar is widely used in Ayurveda as a “Rasayana” (rejuvenating) herb. The bark of Vijaysar has significant importance in Ayurveda in managing diabetes and is also known as “The miracle cure for Diabetes” mainly due to its Tikta (bitter) nature.

  • Vijaysar helps to manage blood sugar levels by preventing the damage to pancreatic cells and promoting insulin secretion due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Drinking water kept overnight in glasses made of Vijaysar wood is an age old practice for keeping blood sugar levels in control. Taking 1-2 Vijaysar capsules twice a day is also good for diabetes and weight loss.
  • Vijaysar protects the liver against cell damage caused by free radicals due to its antioxidant activity.
  • Vijaysar is effective in improving heart health by decreasing the production of bad cholesterol and fatty acids and also keeps a check on body weight due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vijaysar might be beneficial for managing diarrhea by decreasing the frequency of stools due to its antidiarrhoeal property and also helps to expel intestinal worms due to its anthelmintic activity.
  • Vijaysar powder along with water can be applied on the skin to manage skin problems like inflammation and infections due to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying
  • Vijaysar leaf juice along with honey on wounds promotes wound healing.
  • Vijaysar due to its blood sugar lowering property should be used carefully by diabetic patients as it may cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels.
  • According to the holistic remedies of Ayurveda, Vijaysar is an excellent plant for managing high sugar levels by improving the metabolism due to its Tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (astringent) properties and Kapha-Pitta balancing doshas.
  • The antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties portrayed by vijaysar bark offer blood purifying activity.
  • Vijaysar protects the liver against cell damage caused by free radicals due to its antioxidant activity


How to Use : Put water in the Vijay sar lakdi and allow the water to stay overnight or for a period of 8-10 hours. After the given time, when the colour of the water turns brownish, decant the glass and have the concoction on an empty stomach early in the morning to keep diabetes under control. .100 % Natural, Fresh, Pure & Chemical Free, Preservative Free and packed in most hygienical environment.


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